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Start Practicing right

I posted this in chat and realized it might go away after several IMs; so logging here…

As a new trader, know why you trade.

If you trade to make money, then just wait for setups; be patient and patience is a skill to be acquired.

On setups, any setup will work; remember, Even a broken clock is right twice a day. In Fx, that’s all you need.

Brokers offering bonuses and telling you can claim after certain number of trades, is just to develop a bad habit of Overtrading. Same with working towards cashback rebates.

It is a bad habit and once you accustomed, it is hard to break.

Develop healthy trading habits depending on your equity and your goal.

It only takes 21 days to acquire good habit. If dogs and lions can be trained well, hello, how about us?

Never ever fall for trap and be honest and accountable to yourself.

Good luck and Welcome to Forex Trading and be sure to Trade Safe.

Start practicing right.


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